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School-based activities

We offer a range of programs and activities from Pre-school to Primary and Secondary schools.

Schools Learn to Swim Programs
The Swim2Survive swimming school offers a range of popular School Sports Education Programme (SEP) "Learn to Swim", tailored to meet your individual school's needs. Our programs offered have been endosed by SEP since year 2008.

We offer a flexible, safe and affordable program designed to familiarise children with the aquatic environment. Incorporating the teaching of correct stroke techniques in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, our school programs are an ideal way to reinforce aquatic safety.

All our swimming coaches are fully certified under the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP), Singapore Sport Council (SSC), Singapore Amateur Swimming Association (SASA) and Singapore Royal Life Saving Society (SRLSS). All our swimming coaches have more than 8 years of teaching swimming experienced to ensure the delivery of a quality swimming program.

Schools Activity Programs
If your school is looking for something more than just swimming then we can help you too.

We are able to design and package fitness activity programs to meet your schools requirements, whether for 1 session or a 10 weeks program to complement your schools curriculum.

All activities within the fitness areas are supervised by nationally accredited staff, which provides expert advice, guidance and supervision. Activities may include: aqua aerobics classes, water safety and lifesaving activities, CPR classes, snorkelling, water polo or flippa ball.

For more info about our swim safer swimming programs.Please send us your email to sale@swim2survive.com or call us at 8177 3838

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John is 4 years old and he take swim lessons with Swim2survive. At first I hesitated in signing him up for lessons because I think he is too yong to learn. I finally decided that it would be worth the peace of mind knowing that he could save himself if the situation occurred. I am so glad I made the decision to start the lessons! I was on the pool deck playing with Jake. As I walked to the table to answer a phone call, I heard a splash. I had only turned around for a second when Jake reached for a ball that was in the pool and fell in. I came around the corner to find him floating on his back and breathing. I immediately pulled him out and he was a little upset but otherwise perfectly fine. I am confident that the swim2survive swimming lessons helped save his life.

Thank You,
Theresa Chan

Damain was only 5 years old saving himself in our pool on Sunday, June 1, 2008. Damain had just begun swimming lesson a few week's earlier before the accident happen. We had several neighborhood children play near our condo swimming pool that Sunday. Damain was playing near the pool when one of the older kids' ball came out by him. Damain run toward the ball which is near the deep end of the pool to catch it and to throw it to his friend. The throwing momentum took him right into the deep end of the pool. He immediately popped up toward the surface and swam to the side of the pool. Damain didn't panic at all. He instinctively and immediately started kicking his legs as he looked under the water for the side of the pool to reach for safety. Without Swim2survive swimming lesson, I'm certain that the outcome would have been a lot scarier and more traumatic for all of us. It is unbelievable how fast it all happened.
We would like to thank Nico Yeo for being our fantastic Swim2survive swimming instructor that saved our son's life.

Thank You,

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